• Thursday, 26. May 2022 09:24

Aegis Wins P99! Vulak`Aerr Defeated.


We had a fantastic Vulak team up which we are still buzzing about. It was a great experience and such a smooth kill!
Thank you Lighthouse, Eclipse, and others for the team up!
Grats BGPF on your sick new hat - Brother Xave's Headband.

We got double Gaurdian Kozzalem for big upgrades on Chpis and Vizel.

An absolutely perfect Derakor the Vindicator kill. Clerics ending the fight on 80m which was crazy.
Well done to everyone and brags to Snails on a big upgrade on his boots and to Mel on the Druid gloves.

SK flurry shield last Thursday, a few HoT runs and minis for good measure.

Feels like we are in a really good place at the minute.

Thanks to everyone and well done Aegis!


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