• Wednesday, 1. February 2023 08:39

Baptism of Fire


What a start! It's been a blast over in Sanctum in our first week. We were lucky enough to get two quakes on top of our normal scheduled raids, the first one without DKP conversions complete which kept things interesting!

On our first quake we killed Ikatiar, Telkorener, Velketor, Vindi (qualifying for the draft!), Talendor, Innoruuk and Hate Minis. On our second quake we killed Kelorek'Dar, Ikatiar, Telkorener, Gozzrem, LTK, Velketor, Vindi and Venril Sathir. The best quake's most of us have ever been involved in, exciting but exhausting!

It's been nice to get some regular scheduled events in as well - to get to know each other all better: 3 successfull Halls of Testing sessions across different time zones, Plane of Sky, a Hate mini session with lots of second floor loot on top of epic fights, Kael faction runs and a bunch of smaller targets in between.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with some teething issues - everyone has brought such a positive attitude and really embraced what we're trying to achieve here, it's been a wild ride but a whole lot of fun. Really excited to see where this will take us next!


That protector got bitch slapped!

This is a really awesome start!