• Saturday, 16. October 2021 04:27

Another Warrior and Necro epic obtained!


Repop day this past weekend was a good one for our small squad. 

  • A couple of deaths on Severilous FTE ended with Aegis on top!  Best loot table from Sev I've ever seen, well besides that one 2 scale drop. 
    • Green Dragon Scales! - Grats Ainton
    • Cloak of Flames - Grats Saryon
    • Kavruul's Mystic Pouch - Grats Zierov
    • Shield of the Green Dragon - Grats Necrolicious
  • CT spawned Fear Golems.  A ballzy no cleric engage on Terror ended with a near full wipe but Riot was able to help us finish him off so we didn't end up training them with a golem.  Slime Blood obtained! 
    • Slime Blood - Grats Necrolicious
  • Lady Vox popped just before our Sky raid time.  Raced against AG/FD but a hasty engage cost us the attempt.


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